Öffentliche Erklärung aus Chios

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Der nachstehende Beitrag aus der Besetzung in Chios, Griechenland, ist ausschließlich in englischer Sprache verfügbar. Da wir nicht die Urheber*innen des Dokumentes sind, wollen wir uns eine – notwendigerweise den Inhalt leicht verändernde – Übersetzung nicht anmaßen:

Chios squat; Two days ago a part of our group got arrested. before any more misunderstandings come into this world we want to let everybody know what happened. A member of our group got arrested for taking a photo in the port, of a Frontex boat. To get the ID of our group member the police came to our car that was in front of the squat. When the police were at the squat they started asking all the people who were present for ID. At this moment none of the police officers had identified them self as police. After some time more police arrived and without any announcement jumped through the window into the squat. Once in the house they started searching through the house. All of this happened without explanation, no papers were shown to us stating who they were or what they were doing. During the search some marijuana was found in the house and the police started shouting at us for an explanation. Only the female group members where strip searched in the kitchen of the squat. When a group member said that she would not answer any questions and wanted to exercise her right to remain silent she was threatened by male officers and was told that they would take her to the station and could do whatever they wanted to make her talk.
After the search in the house was completed a search of the car began. A Window was smashed of one of the cars as the owners were not there and the others were opened.
When the police were dun checking everything 4 people were arrested and taken to the police station. When a group member asked why they were being arrested one police officer said that they had smuggled the drug that was found in the house on to the island and that if they did not declare that they were volunteers they would be seen as human traffickers. This was obvious a scare technique used by the police, because we haven’t heard anything about the human traffic charges again. At no point did the police show any documents declaring what they were doing. After some time at the station 2 group members were told they could leave seeing as there could prove that they were volunteers on the island. The other 2 group members were being interrogated by frontex and at this time it became clear that they were being charged with the suspicion of being spy’s. After the interrogation 1 of the 2 left over group members was also released as there was not enough reason to hold her.
During this process 2 people came to the police station to turn them self’s in and confessed that the drug belonged to them. These 2 people were held for drug possession and 1 other group member was held for suspicion of being a spy.
The next day they were all arraigned, the people being charged with drug possession were let go with probation and the group member charged with being a spy was released and is waiting for a court date.

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