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Autumn 2015 we decided to travel to the so called Balkan-Route to support refugees. We had received reports of inhumane conditions in camps and at the EU borders. Reports about families having to wait days and weeks in the cold and wet weather, military and police attacking people trying to flee war, persecution, hunger and lack of perspective. Fences were built, tanks deployed to the borders, Europe was further militarized and isolated.

You can find reports from our time trying to support people with food, warm tea and information on this blog. In winter and spring 2016 we traveled again to the borders and along the flight routes. As a result we made reports from Greece, Turkey and Spain. Some of them you can find on the blog, others on Twitter (@refugee_supp).

Long line of refugees waiting for registration at the refugee camp in Presevo
Long line of refugees waiting for registration at the refugee camp in Presevo, Foto: David Kaupp

Right now our blog serves mainly as an Archive for our so far published texts. We will nevertheless continue to report on borders, flight, isolation policy and militarization on Twitter.

Since all that will unfortunately not go without paying, we highly appreciate any donations. We want to express our gratitude to all donators. What exactly happened to the donations, you can read here.


Outside of Presevo refugee camp, Foto: David Kaupp 

If you want to support our work in location with warm regards, networking or even financially, write to[at]!

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