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About these reports

We will try and sum up and share our experiences of every day for you in this live ticker. If you want to get an meaningful picture of the situation of people on the run along the Balkans route you should rely on reports from refugees who have made the way themselves. We can only give our very own perspective,

Refugees on their way to Presevo
Refugees on their way to Presevo

being that of people who make an effort of supporting persons on their route. We want to collect in this blog our experiences, thoughts and political assesments during our travel, tell you about our organisation as independent volunteers and document the events. In fact, we cannot keep up with everything that happens here. To set up this blog, make photos and bring some order into them, retrieve all the information and formulate the texts we need a lot of time. Since everyone of our team can upload what she*he wishes, the articles are still going to develop after publication. We will try and provide daily photo updates. The full texts will be added some time later.


We are writing the blog in English and German, depending on with which language an author feels more comfortable. We are translating into the other language as soon as we have time for it.

We are delightet by your interest! Please share this blog!


Refugees self-inflict injuries in protest


A commentary on racist perspectives on sexualised violence

Athens 04.01.16

Thessaloniki 31.12.15

Idomeni 30.12.15

Causes of flight

On the road 18.11.15

On the road 17.11.15

Miratovac 17.11.15

Miratovac 15.11.15

Miratovac 13.11.15

Our experience with the Serbian customs authorieties

Where the donations went

Dobova 13.11.15

On the notion of ‘crisis’

Preševo 12.11.15

Preševo 11.11.15

Preševo 10.11.15

Preševo 09.11.15

Šid 08.11.15

On the road 07.11.15